National Securities Depository Limited

NSDL is one of the largest Depositories in the world established in August 1996. NSDL is the first electronic securities depository in India with National coverage having headquarter in Mumbai.

With a network of more than 276 Depository Participants / Business Partners, NSDL provides bouquet of services to end investors, stock brokers, stock exchanges, custodians, issuer companies etc.

Till 31st August, 2019, NDSL cross 1.89 Crores Investors Demat Accounts.

NSDL offers following facilities:

  • Dematerialisation i.e., converting physical certificates to electronic form.
  • Rematerialisation i.e., conversion of securities in demat form into physical certificates.
  • Facilitating repurchase / redemption of units of mutual funds.
  • Electronic settlement of trades in stock exchanges connected to NSDL.
  • Pledging/hypothecation of dematerialised securities against loan.
  • Electronic credit of securities allotted in public issues, rights issue.
  • Receipt of non-cash corporate benefits such as bonus, in electronic form.
  • Freezing of demat accounts, No debits from the account.
  • Nomination facility for demat accounts.
  • Services related to change of address.
  • Effecting transmission of securities.
  • Instructions to your DP over Internet through SPEED-e facility.
  • Account monitoring facility over Internet for clearing members through SPEED facility.
  • Other facilities viz. holding debt instruments in the same account, availing stock lending/borrowing facility etc.

Following stock exchanges have linked up with NSDL to facilitate trading and settlement of dematerialised securities:

  • National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE)
  • Madras Stock Exchange Ltd. (MSE)
  • Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (ISE)
  • OTC Exchange of India (OTCEI)
  • The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd. (CSE)
  • The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd. (DSE)
  • The Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, (ASE)

Courtesy: https://www.nsdl.co.in/

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